Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where is Home

The last month has just been a whirlwind of crazy, unexpected blessings!  We are moved out of our old house and trying to get settled in our new place.  Although we have not slept there yet, not even once, we've had two events (NNU's Twirp and our Harvest Party).  We already have three weddings booked and two other special events booked out there.  My mind is just blown away at how faithful God has been to walk us through this fun journey.

Something I've noticed through all of this is how my definition of "Home" has been solitified.   From our old home on Choctaw to my parents house to Ty's parents house to our new house, I find myself calling them all home.  When and why?  When that's where I'll be with my husband and son.   I've said several times, "See you at home." or "We're on our way home."   Each time "Home" is a completely different location.   I love this.   I love that my heart instinctively thinks of home as a place where I am with my family.   I love my boys more than any girl could and am extremely thankful that God for some reason entrusted me as a wife and mother to them.