Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Thank You to ALL

My appreciation for memorial day seems to grow with each year.  As a child I loved this holiday because we would usually go to the parade or a ceremony where I got to see really cool looking men and women in their uniforms.  They looked like super hero's to me! When I was in high school I really enjoyed those ceremonies and parades even more because who doesn't love a man in uniform?  My appreciation grew deeper because I knew friends who had lost family members who were serving our country.  I also started to understand the stories my grandfather told me about his time overseas. My heart went out to those who were away and those who had lost their lives.  To me that was the most noticeable sacrifice.  This is when I began to notice that every time I saw the flag fly and heard our national anthem, or the sound of that lone trumpet- my eyes would begin to well up.

Then as an adult I married a man who serves his country daily.  Not by going overseas, but by night in our own city.  I realized that he was seeing and experiencing an entirely different town than I had grown to know.  Each night that I lay my head on my pillow he heads off to a call that would most likely be a night mare for me.  This is when I began to realize that the men and women who go overseas to serve our country don't ever return "uninjured".  The things they see are unlike anything I can imagine, the circumstances they endure are unlike anything I could cope with and the pain they have to overcome may not be in the form of their life lost or a limb missing, but their heart torn from the life they gave to keep us free.

I want to deeply thank those who are away from their families right now fighting for our freedom.  I want to sincerely thank those who continue living on without their loved ones, so that I may set food on free soil.  But right now I would love nothing more than to embrace the ones who have returned.  Whether they are actively serving or not, I now understand that the sacrifice they made was not shed the day they hung their uniform up for good.  No, what I now understand is that sacrifice is one that will forever live inside of them.  They gave so that we may be free.  I pray that they too are able to be free.  Free from whatever their hearts, minds and souls had to endure.  I will never understand and I will never truly realize what goes on as a soldier stands at the front lines, but I will always be thankful.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend-Signing OFF!

My Mother's Day weekend was filled with lots of fun and many blessings.  We had such an exciting open house (Saturday Showcase) on the 12th.  It was really exciting to see all the people who came out to see the new improvements at Still Water Hollow.  I couldn't help but smile as I saw many of our couple's strolling around the property dreaming and picturing their special day here.  What a true honor it is to have a hand in helping create a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere for those making such a sacred commitment. We have always prayed that people would feel God's presence when they step foot on this land and when I heard comments like, "We just don't want to leave." "It's so peaceful here." "Everyone is so joyful." "There's just something about this place."  I knew that something was Christ and how exciting it will be to see those who don't know Him begin to experience His love in a real tangible way, here.

So even though Saturday was amazing it took a lot of time away from my kiddo's.  There were three days straight that they were being passed from one babysitter to the next and even a few weeks before that where my attention was always distracted from focusing on them.  My gift to them on Mother's Day was to actually be their Mother.  I shut off my phone, I didn't check my email, didn't check Facebook and just loved on them.  It was the most perfect day!

I have decided I am going to start doing that every Sunday.  There's nothing more that I want than to be a mom and when I spend so much time being distracted it's only hurting my relationship with my kids in the long run.  There were several times on Sunday that I thought, "Oh I should post that cute picture on Facebook of Ryker.  That's what a good mom would do.  I should update my status to "loving spending time with my kids on Mother's Day!"  That's what a good mom would do."  Then I realized a good mom would just do it!  She would live in the moment that that photo would speak of.  She would actually love spending time with her kids on Mother's Day so much that nothing could distract her from that- so that's what I need to start doing.  I get way too caught up in this social media world!  What did they do without email, status updates, blog posts, twitter feeds?  Were there still good moms out there even though they couldn't post anything about how much they love their kids?  YES!  I know this because my mom was an incredible mom and she never did those things while I was growing up.  The times I knew she loved me the most weren't when she told everyone else about it, but when she showed me how much she loved me by putting me first and all other things aside.

So, here I am blogging about the fact that I don't need to blog, facebook or twit my love for my kids.  Ironic eh? Well, I guess I'm just preparing the world for my social media faux paw- I'll be signing off every Sunday.  If there's an emergency you'll probably have to call me 5 times in order for me to answer.  It's not that I don't love you all-it's just that I love being a mom even more!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Warning Label on Friendship

If my friends could have read a warning label on me before entering into a relationship with me, I believe it would have read something like this....
Has tendency to plan projects while pregnant that she can not perform, therefore will ask you to complete them for her. Including, but not limited to; painting, moving boxes, deep cleaning with chemicals, staining and putting on large events.
When asked to go on a walk -will suggest her place, which may or may not result in the following; picking up rocks, removing cinder blocks, planting sod and cleaning.
Phone calls/texts will always be responded to, but there is no guarantee she will press send, call the right number, or remember where her phone is in the first place.
When Girl time is planned she may or may not remember booking a tour, which will result in you watching her two boys for her and girl time officially becoming babysitting time.
If offered dinner consult with your husband first. He may be asked to bring heavy machinery, move a house, or remove a Ram from atop a mountain. If your husband is gone for more than 4 hours seek new friendships immediately.
All of these symptoms have or will occur during your sustained friendship-but you will be loved, you will be appreciated, you will be respected & said friend will be forever grateful.

I'm so thankful for the friends in my life! I appreciate their patience with me & the love they show me! I'm a lucky girl :)