Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Perfect Boy is 1 Today!

His sweet smile. His infectious giggle. His go-with-the-flow demeanor. His perfect little hands and his perfect little toes. The way he says "baaaaa" no matter what animal he is looking at. The smile he gets when I enter the room and the way he reaches for me, wraps his arms around me and burry's his head in my shoulder. The happy go lucky attitude he has EVERY single morning. The no fear approach he takes as he crawls over our Great Dane and then makes his way to our German Shepherd's ball.   Everything about my little boy is perfect and the fact that I can call him MY little boy just takes my breath away.

What a blessing God handed us one year ago today. As we waited with anticipation by the phone last December 20th, we had no idea what joy this little boy would bring us. We didn't even know he was a boy yet! We got the phone call just after midnight that our baby boy had entered this world happy and healthy.   Our hearts welled up with excitement and the love that had already began to grow just tripled in size!

I think about Ryker's birth mom quite often this time of year.  What a blessing she is to us. She let God orchestrate such a beautiful family and was willing to let him work through her to bring Ryker to us. She gave him life. She chose his happiness over her own and she, along with her mother, chose to see the beautiful big picture that God was painting. They said over and over that, "We know God planned this baby for your family." And oh did he ever!  I see Tyler's personality shining through in Ryker. I can tell he will be goofy and fun loving. He's also as easy going as his daddy in almost every way. He loves music like I do.  In fact the only time he throws a fit is if the music is not loud enough in the car as we drive down the road. He wants to ROCK and so do I, so our times in the car are always fun.

This year has flown by so fast and I wish sometimes I could just slow it all down. I try to enjoy every moment with my sweet little man, but somehow I still feel like I have let time slip through my fingers. I love him with all of my heart.  Ryker is the greatest gift God could have ever blessed Tyler and I with. Someday, I pray, he will truly understand the love I have for him.  But as my mother always said, and I now truly understand, he most likely won't until the day he holds his little one in his hands for the first time.  This love I feel is beyond description, beyond understanding, and without a doubt God given!

Happy Birthday my sweet son!  I love you more each day and cherish you every moment.