Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Easter Weekend Volunteers

I want to preface this by saying that there are many of you who have helped us immensely and we do not want you to feel we just continually ask for you to take time out of your family/work life to help us on our projects.  Equally, we want anyone who volunteers to be able to fully enjoy the events, so we are only going to "allow" you to volunteer for one thing, so we don't take advantage of anyone :)  Thank you for reading this and all the prayers and support we have already received.  God is doing great things with Still Water Hollow and I'm so excited to see how he continues to use this place to minister to others!

As many of you know Tyler and I are on a new business venture, and we’re excited to say it’s going well. This is a gorgeous place for weddings and we feel a great responsibility to help make Still Water Hollow weddings unforgettable and we pray that everyone who comes here will feel His presence.

But we want you to know the “rest of the story” when it comes to Still Water Hollow. From the moment we started writing up the business plan we sensed God had something more in mind, That He had great plans to use this place for His glory. We are continually praying that we will feel his nudge and hear His voice when it comes to glorifying His name with this beautiful piece of land that after all … belongs to Him.

We’ve been praying that God would lead us in creating wonderful opportunities to use this place as a ministry. Recently we’ve felt led to hold an entire weekend of events where the focus would be on Christ, His sacrifice, His grace, the freedom we find in Him and the calling we have as husbands, wives and families to build our foundation on God. We have decided to do this on Easter weekend. We want you to know all about it because first, we hope you’ll come and be a part and invite your friends (especially those seeking Christ) but also because we hope some of you will feel called to participate on an even deeper level. Let me tell you what we’re planning.

Our weekend will start with a special night of worship in the Still Water Chapel on Good Friday, April 6th. We are prayerfully designing an evening for families that will draw people to the cross and the love of Jesus mainly through music. This will be a free event.

That will be followed up with a Saturday evening event for couples. This will be a time of fun and fellowship with a delicious dinner created by our dear friends Gabe and Michelle Dean. Our special speaker will be Tim Bruce, our good friend and pastor who now lives in Oregon. He’s funny and relates especially well to men. We will charge for this Saturday evening event to cover the expenses. The night will be filled with inspiration, laughter, and encouragement.

Then to round out Easter weekend, we’ll invite families back on Sunday afternoon (after lunch - around 2pm) for a short message from Tim in the chapel (realizing many will have gone to their own churches in the morning) followed by an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids in the Still Water Hollow Village. We’ll have a potluck dessert spread in the shop with coffee and drinks so people can stay and visit if they want. This will also be a free event.

Throughout the weekend we plan to keep the chapel open for those who would like a quiet place to pray and just focus on Jesus.

I know many of you already volunteer in various ways, including your home churches, and Easter weekend could be a busy one for you. I’m just asking that you pray about this with me and if you feel led to volunteer for any of these events we would appreciate it so much. Our prayer is that the weekend will be filled with volunteers who are fervently praying for each person that steps foot on Still Water Hollow- that their hearts would be open to what God has to say whether it’s through music, teaching or fellowship and that each volunteer will do so because they sincerely feel God is asking them to be a part of this.

Once you’ve spent time in prayer and if you feel led to participate - here are the areas we need volunteers in.

Getting the word out- taking a few flyers and handing them out to family, friends, neighbors, letting your church know about the events, inviting people on Facebook and other media sources.

Greeters (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
Direct parking (Friday & Sunday)
Set up crew on Friday at 6pm
Set up crew on Saturday at 3pm
Clean up crew Saturday evening (no more than 1 hour around 9pm)
Set up crew on Sunday at 12:30pm
Clean up on Sunday (no more than 1 hour)

Please let me know where you feel God is leading you, or if you just want to help out in any way at all … we are in need. Thank you for praying for this journey and that many will come to know His love and His grace through the events held at Still Water Hollow. We are very grateful for our many brothers and sisters in Christ!

Tyler & Brianne Gray