Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wanting What You Can't Have

There are silly little things that are making me go absolutely crazy right now.   I've never been great about being told "NO", ask my parents.   They said, "no" and I usually found a round about way to turn it into a yes.   So, needless to say there are some no-no's of pregnancy out there that are driving me banana's...things that never used to even phase me and others that I've realized have become an addiction!

The billboard with the soda cup filled to the brim and frosty drops of water sliding down the outside....

The sound of a soda can being opened and that infamous "ahhhh"....

A turkey sandwich piled high with yummy veggie's, but COLD COLD turkey sliced perfectly and stacked just so....

The glass of wine I carried down the stairs that smelled so sweet and had a hint of raspberry, only to hand off to one lucky lady who enjoyed the crisp cool flavor in the hot evening sun...

The trampoline....yep, I just wanna go jump on one...

The smell of bleach.   I just want to go clean something top to bottom and maybe even sit in a room that smells like bleach (oh man I think I'm getting this one from Ty)....

I'm sure as soon as this is all over none of these things will be appealing to me, but if you asked me today I would tell you the day after this baby comes into this world I will spend the afternoon scrubbing everything in sight with the strongest cleaner I can find, then I will go get my workout by jumping on an unexpected strangers trampoline, and finally I will reward myself by sitting in a hot tub with a Big gulp, Starbucks coffee, and glass of Ste. Chapelle wine...alternating sips after taking large bites of my cold turkey sandwich ;-)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Post for Jen

I can only imagine as a parent to be separated from one of your babies would be extremely difficult.   So, I thought I'd write this post for Jen in hopes that she would feel like she spent the day with her beautiful Ari. I had the privilege of watching Ari this evening and as we speak she is cuddled up under her fort we made in Ryker's room.   When Ari got to my house I was told she had been up since 5am (wow, I didn't even realize that there was such a thing as 5 am), so a nap was probably necessary if we were going to make it through the evening with a smile :)   Ari informed me she was not tired though because Ty had just told her we were going to the RODEEEOOOO that evening and she was so excited.   I still insisted that she go lay down and at least have some quiet time before we packed up.   Within minutes she was sound asleep and not even Ryker's high pitched screeches were fazing her.  By the time we had to start loading up the car she was still in a slumber, so I had to wake her up.    I know, I know, I'm pretty sure this is a no no in babysitting 101, but we had to go.

We headed toward the rodeo and her excitement was building.   Somehow she got the idea that she was going to get to ride the horses and kept talking about how excited she was to ride the nice, slow horses.  I tried to clue her in on the probability of that not occurring tonight, but she has faith like fire!  As we were walking into the rodeo I think the heat and lack of sleep had hit her.   I started seeing the happy, smiling face turn into a pouty one and when we gave her the "cool necklace" (aka her ticket on a lanyard) to wear she was not in the mood to put it on.  I tried my tactic I had used with students.   I immediately stopped and said, "OK, we can just go back to the car and hang out there for a few hours"  She looked at me very puzzled and said, "No, I want to go to the rodeo".  I told her we couldn't go to the rodeo without the necklace on, she told me she didn't want to put her necklace on, I said OK and started walking to the car.   She looked at me, handed me the lanyard and let me put it on her, but then wanted some consoling in return.   I picked her up and her head went straight into my shoulder.   I started feeling bad and wondered if I had chosen the right tactic, but by the time we got through the gates she had that big beautiful smile on her face and was asking where the horse she was going to ride was waiting for her at. Whew :) I guess I didn't completely mess up because we had a wonderful rest of our evening.

I learned Ari is a very friendly young lady and I think she was saying hello to almost everyone that walked by that looked half friendly.   She was also telling anyone and everyone that she wanted to go ride a horse.   She went right up to one of the cowgirls and started a full on conversation with them asking, "Do you know Brianne?"  We also found out that one of the board members of the CNR and a Caldwell Police Officer love Jesus, to which Ari exclaimed, "Great!  That means you're going to heaven!"  They both laughed and said, "That's right".

The woman in front of us, whom Ari called Heather (not sure that's her name, but we went with it), was smitten with Ari and kept telling her she was going to go find Ari a nice horse to ride every time she made her way to the beer stand.   Ari would turn to me and say, "She is a very nice lady."   I thought to myself yes, she is certainly in her "happy place".  I sure wasn't complaining though because between my child who was screeching in that high pitched, make me want curl into the fetal position and hide, scream and Ari shouting at the top of her lounges, "GO COWBOY! GO COWBOY! GO COWBOY! GO COWBOY!" (Yes that was my fault,  on the way to the rodeo I told her to yell that each time they rode by....learned a valuable lesson) I was just thankful the group in front of us was turning around with smiles on their faces, let along making friends with us.

So, I just want to end with telling Jen she has raised a beautiful, sweet young girl.   I had so much fun tonight with her and as I tucked her into bed and we said our prayers I thought how blessed I am that Jen feels so comfortable with me watching her sweet baby.   I could not have asked for her to be more well behaved, especially because I know it must be tough taking orders from someone other than your mommy, but not once did she ever say to me, "you can't tell me what to do" when I would correct her.   She has such a tender heart and my favorite comment of the night was when her flip flop fell off her foot, but she grabbed it before it fell below the bleachers, she said, "God caught my shoe!   How does he do that?"  So sweet......

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Domestic Mommy Makeover

I feel like I've had a domestic mommy makeover this month.   Between making home made strawberry freezer jam, cooking my sons baby food, and making home made meals much more often I have completely transformed.  

There's something very therapeutic about preparing food for your family.   I've never been much of a cook and between the three recipes I had mastered we were eating the same thing week after week.   I think I was afraid of cooking.   While in high school and college it seemed I'd always mess up a recipe.....even if it was on the back of the rice a roni box.   I'd put all the ingredients in at once when I was supposed to put them in one at a time.   We were out of vegetable oil, so I figured peanut oil would do the same trick in my brownie mix.   Let's just say most of my dishes came out tasting anything like the real deal, so they'd get tossed and I'd head to Mongolian BBQ.  

The most rewarding task I've taken on is making my sons baby food.   My Aunt Marci got me this amazing cook book for baby food called Top 100 Baby Purees by Annabel Karmel (highly recommend).   I haven't found a recipe that Ryker doesn't love and it's amazing how excited he is to eat dinner when it's the home cooked meals compared to the jar baby food.   After my parents got me a food processor/blender making his meals was something I could accomplish while he napped and I even had time to spare for reading a good book or taking a nap myself :)   Today I made him blueberries with plums, bananas and apples- Broccoli with potato and carrots- Sweet potato with cauliflower, onion topped with a tomato cheese sauce.   Sounds so gourmet, but it was a piece of cake.  

My new favorite website for tasty recipes for the grown ups is   I have had so much success with everything I've tried from her site.   Tonight we are cooking up Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork.  Go to this website to try out the recipe for yourself!

Last night we had some great friends over for dinner and enjoyed my favorite lasagna ever!

Overall, I think my family is really benefiting from this makeover of mine and so am I :)  Happier, healthier and such a feeling of accomplishment washes over me!