Monday, January 16, 2012

Thumbs up for this Cosmetic line

Alright Ladies I am letting go of some insecurities for this blog post in hopes that it might help some of you, or someone you know.   I've always struggled with acne and it seems like I've spent most my life (and funds) trying to find solutions for it.   When I was in high school I took acutane after many attempts with topical creams, medication, different cosmetic lines, etc.  Thankfully the acutane cleared up my skin and I was able to feel some sort of freedom for a while.   Unfortunately, that only lasted a few years and pretty soon the acne was back.   It came back around the same time that I got married and because of the serious side effects of acutane if you become pregnant I just wasn't willing to take that risk.   So the hunt was on again for something that would work.   Lots of money was spent on face wash, spot treatments as well as laser treatments (hoping to get rid of the scarring too).  This last spring my aunt told me about a new line called Blackbox Cosmetics.   Since they were just getting off the ground they only had a face wash and lotions out at the time.   I tried those and while they did leave my skin feeling great and didn't seem to make the acne didn't get rid of my acne or my scarring.   Just a few months after using the product, Blackbox sent out an email looking for people who were willing to participate in a trial for their new acne line.   I sent them a photo of my skin and they sent me the product (face wash and treatment serum).  I was excited about the idea of trying something without loosing more money.   Right before they sent me the trial kit my skin actually began getting worse and worse.   A week after using the product I found out I was pregnant, so obviously my hormones were going crazy and that was making my issue even worse.   The trial kit lasted me 8 weeks and I've attached my before and after photo's.
I'm not a salesperson and I'm really not trying to sell anyone on this.   I understand everyone's skin is different, but coming from someone who has literally tried everything, I hope that if any of you are struggling with the same issue this might be the answer for you like it was for me.   Blackbox has just released this acne line called "Geniskin" and you can read more about it and/or purchase it from the link below.   There's some real positive things about this company:
1. You can purchase the "pretty" packaged product your first time, but each time after that you can just purchase the "refill" at a discounted price.   This way you aren't paying for the pretty packaging every time.  The refill just slips right into your old case.
2.  You honestly only have to use 1 pump of the wash and the serum to get the job done, so they last 6-8 weeks.
3. The masque and the scrub tend to last 10-12 weeks for me because I only use them 1-2 times per week.
4.  When I priced it out I am spending about the same as when I was buying the cheap stuff at Walgreens.

I really hope this info helps someone out!
Blackbox Cosmetics Geniskin Line