Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Daddy Vs. Mommy Scenario's

Why is it that my husband and I can do the same exact activities, but consistently have very different outcomes.  Such as bath time.  Without fail bath time goes very well when my husband has the children.  They'll spend hours in there without fail.  I used to love bath time with my kids (the first two times).  It gave me a good 30-45 minutes of pure joy.  No children crying, no one needed food, no one was pulling at my leg while the other was in my arms.   It was a little escape, without actually escaping.  The Honeymoon ended quickly though.  Now my bath time with the kids looks a little more like this.....
Splish, splash, happiness!
Titus poops.
HURRY- pull out Titus, wrap him in a towel, pull out Ryker and do the same.
Drain the bath
Fill up the bath
Put Ryker back in.  Put Titus back in.
HURRY- scrub the kids before anything else can go awry
Titus poops.
HURRY- pull out Titus, wrap him up.
BANG- Ryker falls in tub.
I RUSH, about to have a heart attack.
Grab my sopping wet toddler and try to console him.
He pees on me. I wipe him down.
Wrap Ryker in a towel.
Titus is screaming, so I attend to him.
Now Ryker is screaming, so I attempt to attend to both.
Titus pees on himself before getting the diaper on.
Sponge bath it is!
Diapers on- CHECK! Lotion on- CHECK! Clothes on-CHECK!
Me getting the chance to take a check

What I love about these scenario's is that about the time I finally get things in order, have Ryker happy with a bottle and kick up my feet to feed Titus, Ty walks in,  making it look like I've been lounging around all afternoon.  I think there is a conspiracy happening between my two children already.