Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blackbox Routine

I've had several people asking what my routine has been with Blackbox, so I thought I would post it for you all to use as a reference.

Geniskin Line:
Face Wash: Morning and Night. 1-2 pumps
Treatment Serum: Morning and Night. 1 pump.  This serum pulls out all of the built up bacteria, so my face broke out for the first couple of weeks and began clearing up during week 3.  I encourage people to be really consistent for at least one month.  If you don't see improvement then you may rethink using the serum.
Masque: I used this every other day until my face was clear.  Now I use it on average twice a week.
Scrub: Start with once a week and you can build up to as often as you desire for that silky smooth skin. This is what did wonders at getting rid of my acne scars.

Restoration Line:
Infusion AM:  I put this on every morning. 1 pump.  It helps protect my skin and I feel like my make up goes on gorgeous when I put this on before applying foundation.
Bronzed: A couple times a week.  I just started using this a couple weeks ago and so far like it.  It has the same effect as the Infusion AM with a little sun.  It's a little too dark for me to use more than once or twice a week.
Little Secret Weapon: At Night. 1 pump around the eyes.  Yes, I am putting this around my eyes in hopes of preventing some wrinkles down the road.
Radiance AX:  Morning and Night.  Okay, this one I am SUPER excited about.  I used to not use it.  After having Titus I got those oh, so lovely stretch marks and I also started getting small bumps on the backs of my arms.  I've been putting this on those spots for the last 3 weeks and have been so impressed!

Defiance PM is a great product.  I don't use it because I just put on the Treatment Serum at night and let it do it's thing!

6 minute miracle is just like the scrub in the Geniskin Line, but without the active agents for problem skin. Same with the Sea-Mask.

I have not tried the Revive qx yet, but I'm planning to this winter when my face won't be seeing as much sun.

I hope this helps everyone out and I really hope some of you are seeing great results like I have!

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