Thursday, August 9, 2012

"I found him whom my soul loves" Song of Solomon 3:4

Well, my anniversary has come and gone without me posting anything mushy gushy about my one in a million man.  This is in part because these 4 years have flown by and I think we kept hoping time would just stand still so that we could reflect on that special day 4 years ago, thinking of our vows and remembering that fluttering feeling we had as we locked eyes down the aisle.

Time never stood still this week.  In hoping it would I believe I sped it up even more quickly.  But as I looked out onto our property from my porch and saw my man; sweat dripping, covered in dirt (don't worry this isn't going somewhere inappropriate), after working all night only to return home to trim, mow, clean the pond, and fix the sprinklers.  As I looked at him I fell in love deeper with the hardest working man I have ever met in my life.  As he laid in bed, knowing he would only get two hours of sleep before getting up to go to work again, I realized how often I forget to tell him how much I appreciate him.  When he woke up from that "sleep" with a smile on his face, picking up our son to tell him he loved him, my heart melted even more than it did the day I said, "I do".  When I heard someone near us groan about only getting a few hours of sleep the night before I looked at my husband with a smirk.  We both knew that's about what he had gotten the past 3 days, but he didn't complain.  This helped me remember how he never dwells on the negative, but always focuses on the positive.  That makes me want to shed that negative itch I get.  When I hear him praying with our family my soul cries out with thanks that I have a man who bows before the Lord and trusts Him to guide our family.

My man is a man.  He is not physically weak, but he is not afraid to admit his faults.  He is emotionally strong, but finds his strength in God.  He will always give people the benefit of doubt, but on the job I have pity on the fool who dares come against my man.  Each and every day he tells his boys how much they are loved.  Wow, what a lucky woman I am to have married such a good and faithful man.

So, although I didn't get to watch my wedding video over again and cry.  Even though we didn't sit on the porch with our sweet tea reminiscing over that hot August day in 2008.  I was reminded of why I stood before our family, our friends and our Lord to make an everlasting commitment to a man that I am honored to now call my husband!

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